Grand Opening

December 21, 2010

Taking Care of Textiles is now officially going live, after most of a semester of research, over a month of planning, and far too many hours typing, drawing, writing, collecting, linking, and trying to make sense of technology.

This site is serving as my final project for a course on historic preservation, because I was interested in finding an excuse to study textile conservation in some depth, and because, as a student of public history, I wanted to create something of actual, functional use, rather than yet another undergraduate paper that no one will ever read again after the end of the semester. I’ve written a lot of papers, and while they can be very useful learning exercises and sometimes even helpful for the research of others, I was glad for the opportunity to go beyond that with this project.

Like most of my projects (and most of my papers, for that matter), this site grew to somewhat more epic proportions than I had anticipated, and necessitated building whole new skill sets (including the use of OpenOffice Draw to trace in schematics on existing images, using nothing more sophisticated than my MacBook track pad). I set out to do a lot, but I think I accomplished most of it, and I intend to breathe a positively enormous sigh of relief and satisfaction as soon as I hit “publish” on this blog entry.

Nevertheless, in spite of this site being the product of a final project for a course which is now over, I expect that I will continue updating it, adding more books as I review them, sites as I find them, and tips and techniques as I test them out. I hope that this site will actually prove useful, and that it will change and grow dynamically, with input from (hypothetical) readers. I can only hope I have not made errors of extremely gross proportions; I have done my best to sift through a great deal of information and present multiple approaches and averages. All significant future updates will be announced via blog entries.

But for now, I will call this project finished!



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